Wartime Weekend Prospectus - 2016



10.15 - Opening Ceremony. Flag Raising Outside NAAFI

10.30 - Angels in the line of fire – WW1 nurses “Ops. Room”

10.30 - Angela sings the ‘40’s Stage Door Canteen. Dueting with Arthur on his Ukelele.

11.00 - Gallipoli 1915 – Part 1, sea battles “Ops. Room”

11.30 - Arthur entertains Station/NAAFI

11.30 - Lindy Hoppers dance it their way at the Stage Door Canteen

11.50 - Don’t miss interviews with the Veterans “Ops. Room”

12.00 - Angela our 40’s songstress sings Stage Door Canteen

12.15 - “The Battle of Britain” presentation “Ops. Room”

12.30 - The Lindy Hoppers perform again Station Platform

12.40 - Listen to Arthur and his Ukelele Stage Door Canteen

12.45 - “Letters Home” film, WW1 from the trenches “Ops. Room”

1.15pm - Arthur a travelling troubadour on the Promenade

1.15pm - Songs by Angela our ‘40’s Sweetheart Stage Door Canteen

1.20pm - Presentation – Cliff Guard, a Welshman “Goes to war in the US Army” “Ops. Room”

1.45pm “Pilots of the Battle of Britain” presentation “Ops.Room”

1.45pm The Lindy Hoppers pop up on the Promenade

2.10pm Q and A with WW2 Veterans Ward Room

2.15pm Gallipoli 1915 – Part 2, land battles “Ops.Room”

2.45pm ‘40’s Music with Angela and Arthur Stage door Canteen

3.00pm “Letters Home”, WW1 in the trenches “Ops Room”

3.15pm Lindy Hop dancers and music NAAFI/Outside

4.00pm “We’ll meet again” with Angela and Arthur NAAFI area

4.30pm Closing Ceremony – Lowering of Flags Outside NAAFI

Below is a full list of all enters that are taking place during the Wartime Weekend 2016. A printable version of this prospectus can be downloaded by pressing the button to the right.



10.15 Opening Ceremony - Flag Raising Outside NAAFI

10.30 Angela 40’s Songstress sings WW2 Stage Door Canteen

10.45 “Letters Home” WW1 nostalgic film “Ops. Room”

11.00 “Only Menopause Allowed; ‘40’s choir Station Platform

11.20 “Pilots of the Battle of Britain” presentation “Ops Room”

11.45 ’40’s Songs from Angela Stage Door Canteen

12.00 Fashion Parade; “frocks of the forties” Stage Door Canteen

12.00 “Only Menopause Allowed” choir Promenade (weather permitting)

12.30 Gallipoli 1915 -Part l, Sea battles “Ops. Room”

12.30 Q & A session with WW2 Veterans Ward Room, Platform

1.00pm Angela sings ‘forties nostalgia Stage Door Canteen

1.15pm “Only Menopause Allowed” choir Stage Door Canteen

1.30pm “Letters Home” WW1 film from the trenches “Ops.Room”

1.45pm Q & A session with WW2 Veterans Ward Room Platform

2.00pm Fashion Parade through the forties Stage Door Canteen

2.15pm “Only Menopause Allowed” Station Platform

2.30pm Gallipoli 1915, Part 2 -Land Battle “Ops. Room”

3.00pm Angela’s ‘40’s Song Sheet Stage Door Canteen joined by O.M.A. ‘40’s choir by NAAFI/Outside

40’s Fashion-isters

3.30pm Closing Ceremony – Lowering of the flags with “Taps” - a salute to the past

4.00pm Our 2016 War Weekend ends