Volunteer Alun Salisbury chatting to visitors at the museum

WW2 Royal Navy Veterans Harold Boudier and Alan Higgins, visiting Barry War Museum

Please Note: Anyone under the age of 18 who wishes to volunteer must be accompanied by an adult.

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact Glenn Booker. Contact details can be found on the Contact Section of the website.

If you don't have the time to visit the museum on a regular basis or aren't the sort of person that enjoys interacting with the public, then instead of volunteering you may wish to consider becoming a Friend of the Museum.

Friends of the Museum

Rather than helping out on a regular basis Museum Friends provide help whenever and where ever possible, depending on what's most convenient for them. For example you may wish to man a stall during an event, provide a testimonial of your personal wartime experiences, supply useful historical research information or facts or just come down on occasions to lend a hand!

Friends of the Museum

Barry War Museum is currently looking for volunteers to assist with day to day running of the museum and helping with museum events.

What does volunteering at Barry War Museum mean?

Volunteer at the museum can mean almost anything, we appreciate anyone's help whatever your level of experience, so long as your passionate about history! The Museum would particularly appreciate anyone that is willing to help out during opening hours, greeting visitors and providing them with information.

We would also really appreciate anyone interested in volunteering during events. Barry War Museum hosts numerous events in and around the museum and during these times we often need all the help we can get.

Volunteering - Barry War Museum Wants You!

Friends of the Museum