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My father, Len Heffernan, is in the back row third from the left. Next to him, fourth from the left is Eddie Gear who, like my father, also lived in Phyllis Street, (Barry Island). Unfortunately, I don't who any of the other people are.” - Mr Mike Heffernan, Barry Island History Group.

Right - Captain Jimmy Karkanes, US army distribution officer at the depot, whom eventually become a major. He was later married in Cardiff.

588 (Glam.) Army Troops Company R.E's. January 1940 at Friars Point House

Thanks to Don Amphlett for the image to the right of the Rank Mill's Home Guard Unit. Detail from Graham Dodd:

'Just for the record, my grandfather, Harold Dodd, is in the front row, second from the left. The workers in the mill came under the heading of having a “reserved occupation” which exempted them from call-up.'

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