Over 90,000 people volunteered for the British Red Cross at home and overseas during the war. Search for your family’s personnel records, and discover what Red Cross volunteers were doing in your local area 100 years ago. Click the
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British Red Cross First World War Volunteers

The Royal British Legion RIDERS Branch is one ofthe Legions National branches. It is open to anyone regardless of abode, nationality, branch of service, and of course, those that have not served. Our enthusiasm for motorcycles brought us together, but our desire to support those who have served is a common goal. Branch activities include taking part in rallies of all sizes, track days, bike shows and, of course, events that highlight the Royal British Legion and the work it does for our service community, both past and present, along with their dependents.Above all, we are bikers who enjoy the camaraderie and friendliness of the biker world".

Lest We Forget

Times & History

 The Museum is currently open Wednesdays from 2-4pm  and on the second Sundayof the month from 11-4pm. Free admission.  The museum was opened in November 2012 and was originally known as the Glamorgan Wartime Heritage Centre.

Authentic Wartime Experience

The Barry War Museum features: a WW1 trench to simulate life on the Western Front, a genuine WW2 Anderson shelter and a 1940's style kitchen and many other artefacts and displays.

About the Museum

Located within the historic Barry Island Station the Barry War Museum is run by the Barry at War Group as part of the Barry Tourist Railway. The Barry at War Group aims to research, preserve and promote the wartime history of the town and surrounding area.

Explore, discover, learn at Glamorgan's premier Wartime museum


"World War One is remembered for many reasons, but not usually for its' humour.  And yet despite the constant shelling, appauling conditions and the weather, the men in the trenches  were able to laugh at the cartoons depicting their lives on the Western Front. The most recognisable of which was "Old Bill" a creation by Bruce Bairnsfather. Lieutenant Bairnsfather took part in the Christmas Truce of 1914, almost losing his recent promotion as a result. His training as an artist prompted him to begin drawing cartoons on the walls of his headquarters and this was just the beginning.......... 

The presentation will also look at the impact on morale of the men and officers through the famous "The Wipers Times" an ironic and satirical magazine, first published in a disused cellar near Ypres
in 1916.

Commencing at
7 p.m. 24th January, at Barry War Museum - Join us for Tea, Coffee and Cake served prior to the event."